Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic

The Sheddon team has been working with the Athlete Training Centre athletes since 2005.
Dana Clark and Jason Kobrick have extensive experience working with athletes of all levels. As the Head Therapist for the Sports Medicine Specialist in Toronto for over 3 years and 13 years of practice. Dana has worked with Olympic athletes, and recreational athletes to assist in their prompt return to sport.

They will tailor your necessary rehab to the activity you are required to return to, as well as offer advice in training while injured.

We will work with your coaches and trainers to speed up your recovery

Registered Physiotherapist

Dana Clark has been practicing in the area of orthopaedics since 1995. He is widely respected by his peers for his clinical problem solving and ability to handle complex injuries. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Manipulative Therapists since 2000 and has been aninstructor with the Orthopedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (teaching advanced skills in Physiotherapy).

Dana has worked with all forms of injuries and different levels of fitness from the "weekend warrior", to Olympic athletes and professional as well as performance athletes. His clinical interests lie in the treatment of dysfunction of the spine and its co-related problems. He was the Head Therapist of one of the largest Sports Medicine clinics in Canada, prior to his move to Oakville in 2004, and has since developed a widely respected practice among sports clubs and the medical community.

Dana is trained in spinal manipulation to correct movement impairments and in the use of medical acupuncture which together with conventional therapy accelerate healing and speed up the recovery process.

Dr. Jason Kobrick, BSc, D.C.
Active Release (ART®) Provider

Dr. Jason M. Kobrick holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) as well as a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of British Columbia. Prior to becoming a Chiropractor, Dr. Kobrick was a national team athlete competing for the Canadian Sailing Team in the 470 class. Dr. Kobrick is a fully certified Active Release Techniques (ART®) provider. He is certified in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University. He is a FITforeGOLF (level 4) graduate in golf swing analysis and injury assessment.

Dr. Kobrick also uses a video analysis program called Dartfish to do sport biomechanicals, including Hockey Skating Analysis, Golf Swing Analysis, Weight Training Techniques and Running/Gait Analysis.  (Analysis of biomechanical function is an integral part of rehabilitating an injury. Visual feedback to the patient improves rate of recovery and enforces proper mechanics. Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic is one of the only health clinics in Ontario that uses Dartfish for sport and biomechanical analysis.)

Dr. Kobrick has experience treating professional, national and amateur athletes from a variety of sport disciplines, which include a number of GTHL, OHA, NCAA, ECHL, AHL, OHL, and NHL hockey players.  He also has experience treating amateur and professional Tennis players in Canada. He is a consulting Chiropractor to the ACE Tennis Academy (Burlington, ON), the Oakville Aquatic Club, and the Ontario and Canadian Sailing Teams. He also consults with an OHL and an NHL hockey team.


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