1. After registering for the program you will then be asked to select your training group/time

  2. Choose the time slot you will be training in at the start of your program

  3. The next screen will ask you to choose the date you plan to start. MANUALLY TYPE in the date = start date you selected in your registration

Original ATC Summer Off-Season Program


  • Maximum of 20 athletes in each session. There will be 2 to 3 coaches at each session
  • Initial assessment of each athlete to determine their strengths and weaknesses and a starting point to build off of. Some of the areas examined include explosive leg power, pulling strength, body composition
  • We will re-assess each athlete at the mid-point and at the end of the program. We chart each athletes progress and provide written progress reports covering 7 categories of Strength, Power & body composition
  • 4 training sessions per week Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri
  • Every athlete will have their own on-line cloud based account that the coaches and athletes can track their:
    • energy expenditure (heart rate training zones & calories burned)
    • body composition. (weight, body fat%, muscle mass etc)
  • Each athlete is given a heart rate monitor that they will wear to every training session. Throughout every training session the zone the athlete is training in along with his/her effort, the calories they have burned will be displayed on a wall within the ATC. In addition the athlete will wear the heart rate monitor for outside activities such as on-ice sessions and the data will be uploaded to his/her account when they return to the ATC
  • BioSteel Sports Drink provided before every workout
  • 8 Yoga for athletes sessions on Wednesday's. The yoga instructor is Angela Jackson the owner of Warrior Yoga Conditioning
  • Periodically therapists Dr. Jason Kobrick or Dana Clark will spend a day at the ATC examining athletes for injuries or muscle imbalances. They have worked in the past with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Phoenix Coyotes
  • Extra energy system development on Saturday's beginning mid July at a world class track
  • Hockey career counselling for parents/athlete in regards to Jr. hockey, midget hockey and NCAA hockey. Elite hockey players will receive help in marketing to NCAA schools


  • Cutting edge nutritional information package developed by Richard Clark: The ATC Nutrition Guide
  • Biosteel Recovery Shake provided after every workout
  • Body composition goal setting, nutrient intake & meal planning, high performance recipes and education
  • Ongoing monitoring of body composition: Body Mass, Body Fat%, Muscle Mass, Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass

A Typical Training Session

  1. The first 30 minutes of every training session focuses on improving the ability to move. During this time, we focus on the following:

    • Flexibility and muscle activation
    • Balance and stabilization
    • Speed development linear & lateral
    • Acceleration and deceleration techniques. Learning to decelerate correctly is imperative for athletes to develop first step/stride elite acceleration
    • Linear and lateral movement mechanics
    • Core strength
    • Explosive power & force development - plyometrics
    • Injury reduction - prehab

  2. The 2nd part of the workout focuses on developing explosive power & overall strength to improve performance in competitive sports. Our strength training model is based on the Russian Conjugate system. This means that throughout the summer our athletes continuously strive to increase limit strength via max lifting and explosive power via dynamic lifting. Younger athletes will focus more on the repetition method. For all the core lifts + major auxiliary lifts each athlete has his/her own workout sheet detailing the weight and reps on every set. The athlete’s 1, 3, 5 rep max is adjusted every week based on their results from each training session. We track each athlete’s strength gains and produce progress reports

    Increase Relative Strength + Improve Mobility & Flexibility = Foundation for Rapid Acceleration

  3. The last part of the workout is developing the energy system specific to your sport. Conditioning will be accomplished via running, skipping rope, battling ropes, metabolic resisted circuits.
In late June to mid August there will be extra energy development session at a world class track and turf field that was built last summer just down the street from the ATC.

Training Fees

The fees depend on the date you choose to start. The program begins on April 29 and ends August 23. That is 17 weeks in duration. Athletes have the option of starting on any Monday thereafter up until June 17th. The training fees are prorated and reduced on a weekly basis. If you are planning to start later than June 17th contact us to register.
The training fees work out to approximately $20 per hour and include: all supplements before & after each session, heart rate monitor, yoga sessions and extra days at the running track, progress reports etc.
All athletes must register online and pay via credit card. The training fees are paid in 6 equal installments. The first payment is made when you register and the remaining 5 payments are made starting May 30th end every month on the 30th day ending September 30th.
There is a discount for a second family member.

Questions? Please call Richard Clark at 416-919-0743


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